Product Development & Re-Engineering

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Product Development & Re-Engineering

Product (Engineering) Development Services

Three-MediaTech offers a full range of product development services for new product development and for re-engineering existing products to new platforms and technologies.

Three-MediaTech’s Offshore Software Product development life cycle management services aim to accelerate the creation of software products, reduce time to market and help predict schedules. With Three-MediaTech Co. Pvt. Ltd. as your offshore application development partner or your development team, you can realize your product vision successfully.

Three-MediaTech has the ability to provide cost effective, value added solutions to software product companies in their overall product management process. We specialize in defining and implementing offshore outsourcing strategies for software product companies. We understand the importance of the intellectual property rights of customers and has in place contractual safeguards to ensure the same.

Three MediaTech offer a complete range of Product Development Services as mentioned below:

Product Design and Development
Product Enhancement
Product Migration
Full Product Test Cycle
Rapid Prototyping
Design Consultants
Product Support and Manintenance

Three-MediaTech’s offer a Product Re-Engineering Services as mentioned below:

Technology Migration
Optimizing the Performance
Product Interoperability 
Meet the Compliances
Product Scalability
Platform Migration
Multi-Instance Applications
Redesign the System

Platform Services

3-Media’s Embedded Systems offering is diverse and comprehensive. The quality, performance and time-to-market advantage of our embedded system offerings have made 3-Media the most preferred DSP/RISC services supplier. With an offering ranging from core optimized building blocks to complete software and hardware systems, 3-Media caters to the requirements of multiple customer profiles with varying levels of expertise

3-Media offers services across all the layers of software required to build complete solutions around chipsets/ platforms. 3-Media broadly provides design, development and testing services, focusing on programmable devices, such as RISC, DSP, Micro-controllers and System on Chip (SoC), developed by semiconductor companies. The underlying chipset/platform is usually based on General Purpose Processor (RISC) and/or Digital Signal Processor (DSP) architecture.

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