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  • News1 Three Media Tech developed machine vision based cost-effective solution using Sentech..
  • News2 Three Media Tech developed machine vision based cost-effective solution using Sentech..

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Three-MediaTech is a product design house and engineering solutions partner to leading companies in the global automation space.

Our domain experience spans across Mobility, Multimedia, Internet of Things, and Industrial Automation (Process/Factory Automation, Building Automation and Automotiveetc). Three-MediaTech offers a wide range of product engineering services including, compliance testing services, communication/protocol integration, custom protocol development, product re-engineering and new product development services. Three-MediaTech’s edge is its ability to deliver value added solutions leveraged through its ready to use in-house software components.

Three-MediaTech’s Engineering Center is located in Pune, India with sales associates in the US, South Korea. Three-MediaTech’s customer base is spread across the India, Far East (Japan/Korea), Europe and USA.

Over the years, Three-MediaTech has established several successful and long-term engineering programs with global companies in the telecom, multimedia and industrial space operated through Offshore Development Centers.

To play a key role in enriching every software design and communications experience. We believe that in focusing all our efforts and resources on this vision, we will realize our dream of becoming globally recognized as a Tier-1 leader in the product engineering services.
To be a world class Embedded Software and Systems Design and Integration Services Company. Networking and control will drive the next phase of innovation in an increasingly connected industrial world. We strive to provide cutting-edge industrial grade technologies and services to enable this revolution.











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