Industrial Automation & Control

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Industrial Automation & Control

Three MediaTech works with Industrial product and services companies throughout the industry from product manufacturers, to system integrators and industrial users. We provide hardware and software design services for industrial systems. We also develop hardware and software for communication, measurement, control and automation of key systems.

Hardware Design

Our team of experts can provide the hardware system you need. Complete layout systems are available for board manufacturers, including: Communication Cards, Digital I/O Cards, D/A Cards or complete single board computers. We have experience with the latest embedded controllers, including those from Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Intel, Motorola, and ARM to name a few.

We can work with you to create a complete automated hardware and software system, using off-the-shelf components or custom hardware that meets your requirements. We can customize services for your exact specifications or recommend components for your unique situation. We can create control applications for your system and even implement custom protocol drivers as necessary.

Whether you need to implement a unique interface for your device driver, or simple exposure of basic hardware functionality for a single card, Three MediaTech offers a cost effective solution.


Networking Software For Industrial Systems
Modbus RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485
Profibus Serial
Fieldbus Ethernet
PLC Interfaces Universal Serial Bus (USB)
LabVIEW™ RF/802.11 / Bluetooth
Wonderware Virtual Serial / Com Ports

Control and Central Monitoring Software

Three MediaTech can create custom software to provide control, monitoring, data acquisition and statistical analysis. Whether your requirements are for Desktop Application or a custom application, we can create software that provides the results you need. Some examples include:

Control and Central Monitoring Server
Machine Control Data Collection/Acquisition and Storage
Man Machine Interface (MMI) Robotics
Material Handling Motion & Sensor Controls
Process Control Measurement & Instrumentation
Data Acquisition Cards Desktop/Web based logging and Analysis Software
Industrial Networking Protocols Desktop/Web CMS
Quality Inspection Software Network Monitoring Systems

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