Central monitoring Server (CMS)

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Central monitoring Server (CMS)


The geographic distribution of street lights makes them difficult and expensive to manage. Our solution enables control of thousands of street lights from one Central Management System (CMS). Our CMS is scalable and can be hosted on cloud or as standalone application on customer site.

Street lights consume up to 35% of a cities energy budget and emits tonnes of CO2. Managing street lights enables control programs to switch lights off/on and to vary the light output (dim) as required. These predictable cost savings lead to a fast return on investment and reduce carbon dioxide emissions substantially.

CMS provides precise control for both on/off switching and setting variable lighting levels (dimming). The Smart-CMS system can be used to control both legacy street lights and new LED installations from a large range of suppliers.

Control programs can be created for individual or groups of lights to adjust the output based upon lux levels, time of day or time after sunrise/sunset. These programs enable energy savings of up to 20%, greatly reducing CO2 emissions.

It has monitoring features like Geo mapping, Energy Analysis, Lamp Life Time, Real Time Log. The CMS system provides detailed information from all street lights, which aids operations and greatly reduce maintenance costs, by removing the need for service visits and patrolling.

Comprehensive measurement

The system is extremely comprehensive in terms of the range of parameters that can be measured and also the ways in which monitoring information is returned to the user.

Monitoring enables cost savings by:

  • Identify and understand lamp failures immediately
  • Reduce night maintenance inspections
  • Eliminate day burners
  • Improve public service
  • Reduce repair times


Three MediaTech has a range for Smart City and IoT solutions, all of which utilise the same trusted network platform.

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